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What is the polyamide what function?
What is the polyamide what function?

Nylon silk textile term for textile is a kind of silk, nylon yarn and common: nylon, nylon, card entered. Nylon silk by polyacrylamide chain and aliphatic or fat, the thread connecting link, according to torture macromolecules poly-condensation of carbon number components to the corresponding aliphatic as polyamide fiber. As polyamide 66 monomers, polyamide fiber is contained six carbon atoms has two acid and condensation. Nylon silk luster into half light, light. Nylon silk, cloth, applicable to the production of cotton, silk brocade silk brocade etc. Application of polyamide fiber production technology and production technology, product silk weaving, including polyamide warping is processed, the loom weaving, weave white base, The weaving, dyeing good white base to printing and dyeing, under normal atmospheric pressure in Finishing, the need for finishing the dyeing products, processing, or by embroidery, flocking process or stamping process, in which the design manufacture, Sewing, dyeing products or after finishing products according to regulations, cut and sew. Using polyamide production process, the product of the silk warp nylon yarn, polyester fiber or colored for single, the products are all kinds of nylon silk embroider design, with light and air ventilation, lighting, good performance, beautiful, cheap and practical, very suitable for family use.

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